For now, the Western World still seems to own those moments people tell their grandkids about.

Activity schedule March 4th till 25th

Ever gotten confused by the lunar calendar. Well, read this article and understand even less, haha

Activity schedule February 11th till 25th

What to do with that incredibly short period of time between Western and Chinese New Year’s 2017?

Activity schedule January 7th till 21st

Beijing’s blue skies in Winter seem to come at a price.

Activity schedule December 3rd till 17th

Note: most of this info should also be relevant for life in Shanghai or any other first tier Chinese city.

Activity schedule November 5th till 26th

Visa regulations have tightened again in recent years with the Chinese government trying to control the influx of foreigners. Time to look at a short history of the modern Chinese visa.

Activity schedule October 8th till 29th