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Learn Chinese in China at the Sinology Institute's Intensive Chinese Program (hereafter referred to as ICP). The ICP has been specially designed for students wishing to advance their Chinese at a high pace. Students will take classes 20 hours a week for as long a period of time as desired (as a private school the Sinology Institute only takes off official holidays). The ICP aims to have students at HSK level 5 (out of 6) within one year of training. The HSK 5 is a prerequisite to enter most Chinese universities.

The ICP is a great option for foreign students and professionals wishing to advance their Mandarin skills in a very short time. The course uses the 3S teaching system separating the speaking, listening and reading disciplines from the handwriting discipline. The course aims to have students speaking and reading at a basic linguistic competency level (HSK 3) within three months.

Master the wonderful language of Mandarin Chinese

During your program, you will take 4 hrs of group classes Monday to Friday or 10 weekly hours of private lessons, while also participating in fun and educational cultural activities. We also provide assistance in obtaining a student visa and support on the ground in Beijing.

Chinese classes

Chinese classes

Four hours of Chinese classes Monday to Friday taking place in the mornings and early afternoons separated by Speaking, Listening, and Reading classes. If you are interested you may also participate in writing classes.

Cultural activities

Cultural activities

From climbing the Great Wall, Kung Fu class, to visiting the Great Pandas at the Beijing Zoo, our cultural activities encompass all the things you want to have done before leaving Beijing.

Extra services

Extra services

We offer extra services such as visa assistance, help with accommodation, travel assistance, and other on-ground support assistance during your stay.

Why Sinology Institute?

It is a unique institution under every aspect. Academically, it spearheads the movement of new and modern approaches to Chinese language teaching. Culturally, it offers direct exposure to the multi-faceted aspects of life in China through regular series of lectures. Socially, through its select faculty and management, it maintains close ties to the Ivy League of Chinese academia, including Beijing University, Beijing Foreign Language University, Beijing Normal University, the Confucius Institute, and the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business.

Government Licensed

The Sinology Institute is a government licensed institution of linguistic research and Mandarin language learning in central Beijing. Its primary purpose is the advancement of Mandarin learning techniques through constant research and its immediate application in class.

Fall Intensive Program

Dates and Tuition


We have programs starting regularly throughout the year.

Program Starting Dates
For up to date information about program start dates, please check out our new website at

Super Intensive Chinese Program

When is the best time to go to China?


Spring Festival, January 31st to February 9th, is China’s most important Holiday and will take place during this time. Much of the city will seem dead compared to other times due to the fact many people travel or go home, but this also presence a time of relief, as traffic will be less congested and public transit less crowded. Famous Chinese dishes such as hot pot will refresh you as you warm yourself from the below freezing temperatures, frozen lakes will be turned into skating rinks, and parks will convert into winter wonder lands for sledding. Not to mention, the entire city being lit up from fireworks at New Years, is a must see.


A Beijing summer is always a special treat. While the days are hot, a Beijing summer evening is when the city presents itself from its most pleasant side. The city comes to life as people will be out on the streets munching on street food, dancing in the parks and street corners, or just taking it easy, and the night life truly comes alive as Beijing becomes packed with students, travelers, and those who were hiding inside all winter. Here is our special recipe for an unforgettable evening in Beijing: The city is built for bikes, so grab your bike at sundown, have a nice late dinner. Cycle then through the old city with its streets that are clogged during the day but are deserted after 11pm. Make sure to ride past Tian'anmen, Zhongnanhai and through the Hutongs. Stop at a kebab shop, have a cold drink while munching on kebabs, and be happy.


Fall is normally the most pleasant time to travel in China. Luckily, the Chinese National Holiday takes place at the beginning of October and you will get a chance to explore the country on your own. Talk to us about interesting destinations; we will be more than happy to help you book your tickets, hotels etc. 

Spring Intensive Program

Summer Intensive Program

Frequently Asked Questions


Generally speaking, life in Beijing can be quite cheap. This, however, depends a lot on your lifestyle. Using the famous logic of the Big Mac Index, a Big Mac by itself costs around 2 USD at a Beijing McDonald’s. At the same time, you can find a lot of cheap eats almost everywhere that will not set you back more than 2 USD while actually filling you up. Of course, there are also a lot of upscale eateries that will empty your wallet fast.

Other items (household, personal care etc.) are comparably cheap especially if bought at the local market. Remember to haggle and be aware of counterfeit goods.

All students need health insurance coverage for the entire duration of their stay. We reserve the right to deny any student who does not have coverage by the time of arrival.
We advise to apply at the latest 2 months before your intended starting date. Later applications are also possible but generally speaking, the earlier, the better.

The accommodation in shared apartments will feature all the modern amenities, such as air condition, Chinese cable TV, microwave oven, 24 hour hot water etc.

Hotel accommodation in China is the same as you would expect from international 2-3 star hotels.

A group class is defined as a class with between two and eight students.

The Sinology Institute is usually closed for the official Chinese holidays, such as Spring Festival in January/February, Labor Day at the beginning of May, the Chinese National Holiday at the beginning of October etc.

Payments of tuition fees can be done through bank transfer or Paypal.

The Sinology Institute offers online Mandarin courses at all levels. All you need is a computer with internet, Skype and a headset. Doing a pre-arrival online course is especially advisable for students planning to do an internship.

These terms and conditions are legally binding for any participant in the Study Abroad programs of the Sinology Institute. A participant is defined as a student that has paid in full all tuition fees to the bank accounts of the Sinology Institute.


The student will sign a hard-copy contract with the Sinology Institute upon arrival in China. Alternatively, the student may request an electronic version to be sent prior to arrival.

Program fees

The program fees can be paid by Paypal or by bank transfer only and are to be paid in full. All bank charges are the student’s liability. The fees must be paid four weeks before arrival; for students paying later than four weeks in advance an additional administration fee of 300 USD may be incurred. Payment is defined as receipt of funds in our accounts or through presentation of a valid proof of bank transfer. The student’s program participation is only fully confirmed after the fees have been paid in full.

Refunds and cancellation

No refunds can be given for services not taken.

Cancellations must be submitted in writing or by email. A full refund less 300 USD administration fees will be given for cancellations up to three months in advance. A 50% refund less 300 USD administration fees will be given for cancellations up to the starting date. No refunds will be given after the starting date of the program.

Program content

Part of the program:

  • Mandarin Chinese classes in groups of four hours per day, Monday to Friday, except school holidays. If no group is available, one-to-one classes are arranged at two hours per day, Monday to Friday, except school holidays.
  • Regular business and cultural activities (frequency: at least one per week, except school holidays), some of which may be subject to a surcharge.
  • Assistance with visa application in your home country including the provision of invitation letters for programs lasting longer than three months; visa fees are to be carried by the student.

Not part of the program:

  • Accommodation
  • Visa fees
  • Travel fees
  • Bank fees
  • Daily living expenses
  • Online Chinese classes

Insurance and liability

The Sinology Institute cannot be held liable for any loss, damage, illness or injury suffered by the participant. The Sinology Institute cannot be held liable for any damage or injury caused by the participant to third parties. It is the participant's responsibility to have personal insurance covering medical and civil liabilities.

Validity and Force Majeure

These terms and conditions are valid under Chinese law from October 1st, 2013. The Sinology Institute cannot be hold liable for events beyond its control, such as, but not restricted to, governmental intervention, natural catastrophes, events of war or terror etc.


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