Mandarin Chinese Online Programs

Measurable Chinese learning outcomes & Maximum output

A complete learning system of Teach, Learn, Practice, Test, and Evaluate. Focus on communication skills and confident language use. speaking, reading and keyboard output Practical content related to your daily life and work

All of Our Mandarin Chinese Programs Provide

Super-efficient way to learn Chinese

You will only need 470 class hours from Zero to HSK 6.

Experienced Teachers

Qualified teachers with professional teaching certificates and rich experience.

Online System

Preview and review your lessons anytime and anywhere.

Master Wonderful Mandarin Chinese

Passing exams is a great milestone for your learning, but the most important thing is using Chinese to achieve your goals at work and in your social life.

1v1 online Mandarin Chinese program

Flexible Content

We will tailor your study process to your needs. You can select your preferred class time and duration.

Customizable Schedule

You have the freedom to decide on your class time and schedule. You can opt for either an intensive course or a part-time one.

Personalized Attention

In 1-on-1 classes, you have the teacher entirely dedicated to supporting you at every step of your learning journey.

Group online Mandarin Chinese class

After our Chinese level test, you will be placed in a group with students from diverse backgrounds and nationalities, all sharing a similar level of proficiency in Chinese.

Increased interaction

Small group classes provide more opportunities for you to actively participate in discussions, ask questions, and engage with the peers.

Personalized attention

Being in a small group means you will still receive personalized learning, and the teacher can keep track of your progress.

Engaging discussions

In a small group, you have more opportunities to engage in meaningful discussions, share diverse perspectives.

Corporate Courses

Within the past 19 years, we have worked with various universities from all over the world, international organizations, and companies, helping their employees achieve personal language goals and fluency in Mandarin.

Flexible Mode

Choose between an Intensive course and a Part-Time course, either online or offline.

Tailor-made Content

The lesson content is customized to your team's needs, interests, and goals.

Teaching Quality Management and Evaluation

We will regularly provide teaching quality management and evaluation according to the teaching plan.

More highlights of our online course

Free E-book

Free playback- miss something? Rewatch your class at any time!

Free WeChat instructions and support after class

Free digital class notes

Free personalized curriculum-focused on your specific needs!

Free HSK test preparation

Free level test at the end of every module

Highlights of our online course

Words from real students

" At the sinology institute the way there classes are structured and taught, I was learning so much vocabulary and my oral Chinese improving, my progress was amazing compared to my uni studies, once I new the words I was then able to learn how to write the character afterwards I found that this was much easier and yet more efficient way of studying mandarin Chinese. "

Arnav, Nepal

university student

" What can I say when It works it works and that how it turned out for me, the Sinology Institute has a teaching system that seems to actually deliver Chinese in a way that I can remember it and use it in daily life nearly straight away. Starting in a group classes I found that I could work well with the other members are learn of them aswell as my Lao Shi. "

Tim, USA


" Course structure here is truly I believe the best way to learn Chinese that is to put priority of learning how to speak and read before learning to write character, they call It the 3S system, I will take my experience back with me home and I hope I can use what I learnt here both in my social life but also in my work. "

Ana, Canada

Small business owner

Our Staff

The Sinology Institute is fully licensed by the Ministry of Education of The People's Republic of China. In addition, as a fully licensed private school, the Sinology Institute is subject to regular qualitative audits inspecting facilities, curriculum,staffs and Mandarin Chiense teaches.
Jiao yu

Jiao Yu has a strong passion for education and teaching Mandarin Chinese. He was born in Shandong, the province Confucius is from, and, interestingly, his name can also be interpreted to mean "education". He believes that students can only be as good as their teachers which is why he dedicates his time to providing the best Chinese classes in Beijing.

Wang Shaoqing
Wang Shaoqing
Admissions Manager

Wang Shaoqing is from Hebei Province. She loves interacting with the students and creating a fun environment. She strives to make students feel at home and give them the best China experience possible.

Zhang Xiaoya
Zhang Xiaoya
Logistics Manager

Zhang Xiaoya is a native of Hebei Province. She studied at Beijing International Studies University and majored in teaching Chinese as a second language. She loves interacting with students and helping them with practical issues outside of class.

Zhou Hongxia
Zhou Hongxia
Head Teacher

Zhou Hongxia hails from Ningxia province. Her unique teaching style makes learning Chinese much easier than could be pressumed, and she is very active, patient, and humorous. She is great at creating fun and interactive study plans based on level and the interests of students, and always puts her heart and soul into her teaching.

Cui Li
Cui Li

Ms Cui has a good working attitude and sense of responsibility making her an excellent teacher trusted both by our school and her students. Her teaching style is strict but flexible. Her devotion to teaching makes her students feel taken care of. She is particularly experienced in teaching students at elementary levels.

Jin Xi
Jin Xi

Jin Xi is a native of Beijing. She is a graduate of Beijing Normal University with a master degree in TCSOL under Professor Zhu Ruiping, the director of the college of Chinese language and culture at Beijing Normal University. She has been working in Bangor University, UK and has been highly successful in teaching a wide range of age groups, from children to mature adults. She is an excellent motivator and communicator; both attributes have made her teaching highly praised by many of her students.