All the misadventures that bring us together.

All thanks to friends, an electric tricycle (the "Ghetto Blaster"), and far too many ovens

Quite often I hear a lot of students' state that Chinese people sound so aggressive when they speak, and always sound like they are in a quarrel with somebody. There's a famous joke where a western lady sees two people looking like they are in a very heated argument and decides to call the police...

Monopoly, Cards against Humanity, Risk, UNO , Mazhong, and many more board games!

Studying Chinese has its ups and downs and we all have ridden the Mandarin struggle bus from time to time.

When you first arrive in Beijing, house hunting can be time-consuming and stressful. These tips can help ease the process and help you find an apartment that suits your needs.

Get into the Halloween spirit with the Sinology Institute's Pints and Pumpkins. Drink a beer, carve a pumpkin, and practice Chinese with some of our teachers. Carving Materials, a beer and a pumpkin are included in the price.

Learn how to navigate Youku and watch lots of Chinese and Foreign videos in China with our You can use Youku Blog!

If you have already learned 20 characters or taken 10 hours of Chinese classes, it is time for you to start learning how to type Chinese characters. This can make your study of the Chinese language and Chinese characters amazingly easier!

In Chinese, there are many different words to describe improvement in different vocabulary. 增进,提高,改善!Learn how to use these words correctly.