We talk to Winnie Jin from HiredChina about getting hired in China and the different job opportunities for foreigners in China.

Enjoying one of China’s favorite hobbies in our beautiful courtyard at Sinology Institute. Our marketing manager, Michael, student coordinator Cui Li,and our

There are so many different thoughts going through your head when you are back home after living in China.

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Living in Beijing can be full of strange and awkward moments but we love it anyway.

Sinology Institute's 3rd installment of its Business Chinese Lecture Series will teach students how to work smoothly in a Chinese business environment.

We have endured through another Beijing Winter. The worst part of the year in Beijing in over and we are all ready to leave the solitude of winter hibernation. Who is ready to spend time outside?

Students will learn how to ace their interview in Chinese through preperation and practice.

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Chinese New Year is filled with different phases from relaxation, stress, beautiful weather, terrible weather, peace and quiet, and unrelenting fireworks.

The goal of this class is not only to teach students the necessary vocabulary, but also provide students with the cultural know-how to thrive in a professional Chinese business setting.