Camping on the Great Wall is a must for any Beijing expat, and there are many different parts of the Great Wall to choose from.

You don’t want to learn a lot of these lessons the hard way.

If you are going to speak Chinese with a Beijing accent, do it right. We teach you how. 

What is the most essential app that you need in China? Wechat, of course! Wechat is life for anyone who lives in the Middle Kingdom, but what exactly makes it so great?

Not every day is pocketful of sunshine, sometimes it’s a pocketful of why do things work so poorly and inefficiently? 

Whether you are talking about developing an economy, sending an email, or getting a haircut, this week’s character is very important. 

The talk of the town last week was a sex tape filmed in a dressing room in Sanlitun Soho. We break down the characters in Uniqlo to expand your vocabulary.

Learn how to use the character Xing and talk about the different planets.

The Chinese stock market has fallen significantly throughout the last few weeks. Use the headlines from the Chinese news to expand your vocabulary and understanding.

China is full of diverse and beautiful places and I decided to visit one of the most breathtaking provinces this year.

天 means sky, heaven, or day. Learn some important words using the character天.