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Super Survival Mandarin Course


Contrary to popular belief, Mandarin is in many ways simpler than English. There are fewer syllables (compare about 400 syllables in Mandarin to 4,000 in English) which in terms of pronunciation also mostly exist in English. Therefore, any student can reasonably expect to acquire an excellent Mandarin pronunciation in a relatively short time. Mandarin also does not feature conjugation of verbs, just as there are no real tenses and accompanying verb forms.

If you're traveling through Beijing, don't miss out on the chance to learn all the language skills you need to survive, and see for yourself just how easy Mandarin really is to learn. In this fun and interactive 2 hour class, you will learn the essentials to get around China such as greetings, numbers, shopping and bargaining, ordering food, and many more.

Super Survival Mandarin Course


Learn the basic survival skills for travel in China

You will learn

  • How to use our Survival Chinese Handbook (free copy included)
  • How to read and pronounce Chinese Pīnyīn
  • How to count and express the time of the day
  • A total of 52 short sentences and expressions
  • 7 most common situations
    1. √ Greetings
    2. √ Basic introductions
    3. √ Addresses
    4. √ Restaurant (with info for vegetarians)
    5. √ Shopping & bargaining
    6. √ Possessive expressions
    7. √ Emergency phrases
  • 7 Simulated experiences
    1. √ Taking a cab
    2. √ Talks with restaurant staff
    3. √ Simple bargaining in the market
    4. √ Emergency calls
    5. √ Demystification of the Chinese language
    6. √ Quick tour of a traditional courtyard
    7. √ Introduction to a typical Chinese neighborhood

Tuition fees

135 RMB/person/hour


Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
09:30-11:30   09:30-11:30   09:30-11:30   09:30-11:30
14:00-16:00   14:00-16:00   14:00-16:00   14:00-16:00

*Flexible schedule can be arranged with reservation

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