Sinology Institute in Pakistan

Zain-ul-Hassan is a distinguished representative of Sinology institute, a prominent linguistic institution in Beijing, China. He has been serving in China for many years and fully equipped with and well versed of China’s art culture and language. Being the owner of Zhangkai Linguistics, a representative of Sinology Institute in Pakistan, he is enthusiastic for the promotion of Chinese language in Pakistan.He is a liaison between Sinology Institute Beijing and Zhangkai Linguistics in Pakistan. His long affiliation with the prestigious Sinology Institute is an attempt to promote Chinese language. His  endeavor to nurture Chinese language has been accredited by Sinology institute. China Pakistan Economic Corridor project (CPEC) will boost up the development opportunities in Pakistan which requires the removal of language barrier between two nations. It is the mission of Zain-ul-Hassan to remove such barrier between China and Pakistan by promoting Chinese language for effective communication. With the bright future perspect of Pakistan, it is need of the time to increase the learners of Chinese language in Pakistan. His effort to promote Chinese language is accompanied by latest techniques and facilitation through online system which will create ease to learn Chinese language. He is steaming to accomplish this objective through professional approach.



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