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Sinology Institute Chinese Introduction


Our classes focus on communication skills and confident language use.

Passing exams is a great milestone for your learning, but the most important thing is using Chinese to achieve your goals at work and in your social life. That is why we train the skills that you need to live and work in China. 

We also maintain close ties with prestigious business schools in Beijing and provide high level Mandarin Chinese training for their international students to prepare them for work in China related positions.  

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One-to-one Private Classes

Choose to have one-on-one classes

  • at your office
  • at your school
  • at our campus
  • anywhere else you like

The Sinology Institute can provides courses specific to students of different professions such as diplomats, lawyers, business people etc.

  Per class hour
Flexible Private lessons ¥160/h

** Long-term students are eligible for an X2 student visa.. 

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Private Chinese Class

Group Chinese Class

Group Classes

Our intensive group classes run with no more than eight students in a class. This ensures that each student gets the most speaking time and teacher interaction possible. You can join a public programme, or take classes with friends or family. 

Our intensive programme typically prepares students from beginner to HSK level 5 (out of 6) within one year of training. This is roughly the level of language capability that students achieve at the end of an undergraduate degree.

  • Location: the Sinology Institute Courtyard
  • Each class is 50 teaching minutes and a ten minute break.
  • Tuition fees: Per Month


Classes per week 12 Weeks
4 ¥3300
6 ¥4500
10** ¥8000
20** ¥15000

** Classes highlighted in yellow allow us to support an application for a X2 student visa.

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1. Contractual obligation

The Sinology Institute will provide the student with a number of Mandarin Chinese classes according to tuition fees paid. A study contract is considered entered from the moment fees are paid and a receipt is issued. Paid tuition fees are valid for one year from purchase (receipt of fees) and non-transferable. Classes will only be arranged after receipt of tuition fees.

A receipt will be issued upon receipt of funds.

One class hour = 50 minutes of tuition

The Sinology Institute reserves the right to arrange teachers according to availability.

2. Student progress

No guarantees can exist as to the progress of the student.

3. Cancellation and refund

Classes have to be cancelled by email at the latest 24 hours before class starting time. Instructions for rescheduling the class are the student's responsibility. Only after receipt of a confirmation email can the class be considered cancelled.

Students may cancel and reschedule up to 25% of their study contract's class volume. The 24 hour advance notice by email rule still applies.

No refunds are allowed.

4. Miscellaneous

The Sinology Institute reserves the right to have non-interfering quality auditors and prospective students listen in to classes.

Whenever referring to "Chinese" or the "Chinese language"it is a reference to the Mandarin Chinese language (Putonghua).

The Sinology Institute reserves the right of admission to all programs offered.

These policies and terms are subject to the laws and regulations of the PR China.


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Can you do your business in China? How competitive are you in a world where Mandarin speakers are increasingly able to influence the global economy? If you can't learn Chinese, you should start now, because if you don't your competitors will. 

… hutong lifestyle.

Check out our activity schedule for June here. All lectures and activities are free of charge and you may participate in however many you like.