Word of the Week: 发

1. 他今天去宜家买了一组沙发。

He is going to IKEA today to buy a sofa.

2. 她想去理发店剪头发。

She wants to go to the salon to get a hair cut.

3. 走路的时候不要发短信。

When you walking, don’t send text messages.

4. 发烧的时候要多喝热水。

When you have a fever, drink a lot of hot water.

5. 中国的经济发展很快。

China’s economy has developed very quickly.

Kristen Carusos is from Atlanta, Georgia in the United States. She graduated from Kennesaw State University with a major in International Affairs and a minor in French. She studied abroad in China for the first time in Shanghai in 2010 and again in 2011 at Beijing Language and Culture University. She graduated and moved to Beijing in 2012 and has been studying Chinese since then. She works in the Marketing Department at the Sinology Institute.