Watching the World Cup in Beijing

Every four years, World Cup(世界杯) Fever sweeps the international community. All across the world, people have gathered to watch the 2014 World Cup in Brazil(巴西) . Beijing has been no exception. The World Cup is one of the hottest topics in our Chinese group class. All of our students have watched closely to see which teams make it through the rounds and become World Cup champions(冠军).

Our Japanese student Nobuko is from Tokyo and she is one of many die-hard fans(铁杆球迷) in the city. All over Beijing bars, you will see foreigners and Chinese people alike watching the World Cup games in the middle of night. Luckily(幸运的是),  Beijing bars and restaurants offer breakfast and drink specials. Our Czech student Marcel is the owner of a bar in Sanlitun and the crowds from the World Cup have kept him busy all summer. Everyone watching their team play is one the edge of their seats. One of our American students expressed that while she was disappointed(失望) that the US team was eliminated, she was glad that she didn’t have to wake up so early anymore. She said “I felt guilty every time I didn’t go to an American game. If they lost () a game, I felt like it was my fault. Now, I can just relax(放松) and watch the games.” 

Americans watching the World Cup at 6:00am

Americans watching the World Cup at 6:00am at Homeplate Barbeque in Sanlitun.

Although waking up early to watch the games is no fun, watching the games with the Beijing international community certainly is. People from all over the world living in Beijing are watching their teams play. Football/Soccer fans have the opportunity to watch the game with the people from the countries that are playing. It makes it a much livelier(更热闹) vibe than just watching it with your fellow countrymen. It’s a game that brings everyone together.

What do Chinese people think about the World Cup?

What do Chinese people think about the World Cup?

The Chinese National Team国家队 did not qualify(资格) to play this year but that has not stopped from World Cup fever making it to the mainland. Chinese fans have been huge World Cup fans and the World Cup has been all over Chinese social media websites. Chinese people have made up some crazy excuses to get out of watching the World Cup games.

Check out some of the more funny excuses借口 here.

It’s been an interesting summer of football in Beijing and everyone cannot wait to watch the final game between Argentina阿根廷 and Germany 德国. May the best team win!