Study Stock Market Mandarin Through the Headlines

The Chinese stock market has fallen significantly throughout the last few weeks. Use the headlines from the Chinese news to expand your vocabulary and understanding.


Title: The Chinese Stock Market Continues to Fall: China Securities Regulatory Commission warns the Stock Market may have a panicked feeling

Title in Chinese:中国股市继续下跌:证监会警告股市有恐慌情绪


New York Times

Title: Why is the Chinese Stock Market steeply falling?

Title in Chinese: 分析:中国股市为什么暴跌


Sina Finance

Title: American Secretary of Treasury: The Performance of the Chinese Stock Market isn’t a direct threat to the American economy

Title in Chinese: 美财长:中国股市表现未对美经济构成直接威胁




"China's stock market had become detached from the reality of China's own economy, and appallingly overvalued,"

--Patrick Chovanec

The People's Bank of China has cut interest rates to a record low, brokerages have committed to buy billions worth of stocks, and regulators have announced a de facto suspension of new share listings.

Only 1.5% of Chinese shares are owned by foreigners

Millions of Chinese people piled into the market after regulations were loosened on margin trading -- borrowing money to invest.

[China vs. Greece]

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