September: Lectures and activities at the Sinology Institute

Check out our activity schedule for September 3rd till 24th here. All lectures and activities are free of charge and you may participate in however many you like.

The goal of the lectures is to introduce participants to some aspects of modern life in China, mainly the use of apps to make life more convenient. The different lectures will be presented in an indefinite loop until the next big thing arrives. If you come to all lectures, you will learn how to order food online, use Wechat Pay, take a cab Uber style and order all other things on Taobao.

The cultural activities in the afternoon aim to show our students and friends some insight into some important Chinese cultural activities. This includes Go (the game with the black and white pieces), Chinese Chess, Majiang, Chinese tea culture and a Hutong walk.


Sep 3rd

10.30am-12.30pm Weixin Zhifu and Taobao lecture

1.30-3.30pm Learn to play Chinese Chess


Sep 10th

1.30-3.30pm Learn to play Mahjiang


Sep 17th

10.30am-12.30pm Baidu Waimai and Didi lecture

1.30-3.30pm Siheyuan and Hutong walk


Sep 24th

10.30am-12.30pm Learn to play Go/Weiqi

1.30-3.30pm Chinese Tea Culture