Playing Tennis in Beijing

Tennis is a great sport to play in the summer, fall, and spring in Beijing. Beijing has many indoor and outdoor courts to play on. Tennis is really good for cross-training because it works all different muscles(肌肉). Tennis improves your hand-eye coordination(眼手协调), flexibility(灵活性), and balance(平衡). Here are some practical phrases for playing tennis in China.

Tennis vocabulary phrases

Reserving a Tennis Court:

If you want to play tennis in Beijing, you have to reserve a court. Some courts require a reservation a week in advance(有些网球场需要提前一个星期预订。).

A:Beijing Tennis Center, How may I help you?


B: I want to reserve a court.


A: What time would like to reserve the court?


B: How about 3pm on Saturday?


A: Okay.


B. Okay. How much is the court for one hour?


A: 100 yuan


B: Okay Thank you. I will reserve the court for Saturday.


A: What is your phone number?


B: 18911657679

At the Tennis Shop(在网球商店

Where do I buy a can of tennis balls?


What time do the courts close?


I need to get my racquet restrung.


I need a new grip.


What type of racquet is the best?


Here is the list of some of Beijing's tennis courts.

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