Norwegian Acupuncture Master

A Norwegian(挪威) master acupuncturist(针灸师)? Unheard of! That is, until you meet the one and only Arne Kausland. Arne Kausland is one of the many international students at the Sinology Institute that brings his or her special flair to the table; Kausland's being his passion(激情) for acupuncture(针灸). Kausland makes the Sinology Institute his no.1 choice for one-on-one Chinese classes by coming back for five consecutive(连续的) years.

Amongst his many other accomplishments(造诣), Arne Kausland's notable accreditations(认证) include being on the Senior Board of the Norwegian Acupuncture Association as well as being the vice-president(副总裁) for the World Federation of Acupuncture Moxibustion Societies (WFAS) for nearly a decade(十年). He is also jointly responsible(共同负责) for staring up the Norwegian School of Acupuncture, where he taught passionately for 25 years. Talk about a lifetime of dedication(奉献)!

On the other hand(另一方面), it is precisely because of dedication, long work hours and meticulous(缜密的) class-planning that the Sinology Institute's principal(校长) Jiao Yu now has lower back pains(腰背痛). Here, JiaoYu, feeling slightly quesy but managing a semblence of fearlessness, can be seen getting expertly administered six long acupuncture needles(针) by Arne Kausland.
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