More languages at the Sinology Institute

The Sinology Institute now offers live one-to-one online courses in the following languages:

  • German
  • English
  • Portuguese

And we do, of course, still offer our flagship online live one-to-one Mandarin Chinese course.

Learning languages the right way

As with our Mandarin course, the focus of our classes is 100% on getting students to speak as quickly as possible in the target language. This can be likened to how children acquire languages, i.e. not by consciously learning but by being immersed in a helpful environment. As a result, our classes focus little on complicated grammar or cramming vocabulary but try to teach you useful sentences, phrases and words in situations that may affect your life and even career.

Learning languages the way you are supposed to

You can identify two stages of learning:

  1. Getting used to the language in sound and script, sentence patterns etc.
  2. Creating sentences and speaking, speaking, speaking

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