Get Smart about Smart phones in Chinese

Smart Phone Vocabulary

智能手机 Smart Phone

屏幕 Screen

充电器 Charger

屏幕碎了 The Screen is broken.

我的手机坏了。 My cellphone is broken.

Sim SIM card

充值 Add money onto your phone

解锁 Unlock

电池 Battery

存储卡 memory card

Domestic Phone Companies

中国电信 China Telecom

中国移动 China Mobile

中国联通 China Unicom

你要什么手机牌子? What phone brand do you want?

我要买一部_______手机。 I want a ___________phone.

三星 Samsung

text Huawei

苹果 Apple

联想 Lenovo

小米 Xiaomi

请问哪里能修手机? Where can I fix my phone?

在中关村电子城。 In Zhongguancun’s electric city

这部手机是美国的,能帮我解一下锁吗?This phone is American. Can you unlock it?

我的手机坏了。你们这儿能修吗? My phone is broken. Can you fix it?

我的手机没电了。My phone is out of battery/power.

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