Chinese Noodle Time!

I've been fond of noodles ever since my childhood(童年). It all started with my beloved 'Spaghetti Bolognaise', a thin(细) pasta buried in a thick tomato and meat sauce and topped with grated parmigiano cheese(奶酪).

During my time in Italy(意大利), I broadened my pasta knowledge(知识): pasta alla carbonara, pasta al pesto, alle vongole, alla matriciana, al sugo di cinghale…

But my love of noodles became so much more real in China.

I remember the first time I came to Beijing. I tried every noodle bar my restaurant guide mentioned. I ate noodles every day. I tried not to eat them twice a day.

Chinese noodles are so diversified and so different from ours. Hand pulled noodles, knife shaved noodles… There is also the 'one noodle' bowl: your bowl(碗) is totally filled with just one very long noodle, to wish you a long life…

In China you can eat dry noodles(干面) topped by a sauce(调味汁) but you also may eat them in a soup.

All these sorts of noodles you can eat everywhere(随处), but the best ones are these served in a little noodle restaurant. Such little restaurants flourish abundantly in the little hutongs of Beijing.

Right in front of the Sinology Institute, there is one little gem.

My Chinese teacher Jojo recommended(推荐) it to me and we enjoyed( 享受) the most delicious noodles in town several times together. We ate together(一起) with Shaoqing, other teachers and students. It was a great opportunity(机会) to make new friends(交朋友) and eat delicious and local food!

with my chinese teacher Jojo

My favorite noodles? 油泼扯面, very hot 'knife shaved' noodles with a lot of garlic! Every time I asked the boss(老板), a kind young woman, for a cup of hot water she gave me the water where the noodles were cooked in. I presume(认定) this water must be very good for health because I also received this in other noodle restaurants.

you po che mian 油泼扯面

This little 面馆 has an open kitchen so you can watch the cook's savoir faire!

Try it, you'll never be disappointed(失望)! And, very important, you'll be 吃饱了! 慢慢吃

Bon appétit(祝你好胃口)!