American Independence Day Mandarin

The Fourth of July is the American Independence Day.

The Fourth of July is the American National Holiday.

To set off Fireworks

What you eating on Fourth of July?

Fourth of July and What It Means

On this day, the Americans declared themselves an independent democracy(独立的民主國家), This day is about freedom(自由) or liberty.

Give me Libery, or give me Death.

- Patrick Henry

Of course, Independence and Freedom for everyone can be possible only if we value Equality and have Compassion towards fellow human beings.

The Chinese word for equality is 平等. Just as you desire freedom, so do all the other people. One person’s freedom cannot infringe upon another person’s freedom and rights.

Compassion can be translated as 同情心 (sympathy) or 怜悯心 (pity, compassion).

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