Acing your interview in Chinese

Useful Chinese Words and Sentenses

Department of Human Resources 人力资源部

Headhunter Company 猎头公司

Employee/staff 员工

Interview 面试

Tomorrow, the company's CEO wants to interview me.


Interviewer 面试官

To invite applications for a job 招聘

To apply for a position of employment 应聘

Resume 简历

Interview Questions


  1. 你大学的专业是什么?
    What was your major at your university?
  2. 你以前在什么公司工作?具体负责什么工作?
    What work did you do at your old job? What were your concrete job responsibilities?
  3. 你为什么要申请这个职位?
    Why did you apply for this position?
  4. 你期望的工资是多少?
    What are your salary expectations?
  5. 你愿不愿意加班或出差?
    Will you be willing to work overtime or go on business trips?
  6. 你觉得你最大的优点是什么?缺点呢?
    What are your biggest strengthes? And weaknesses?
  7. 你拿的是什么签证?
    What is your visa situation?
  8. 你要在中国呆多久?
    How long will you be in China?
  9. 你的婚姻状况是什么?
    What is your maritial status?
  10. 你觉得你能给我们公司带来什么?
    What can you bring to/ give our company?
  11. 你有什么成就?
    What are your accomplishments?

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