16 Ways Wechat is Better than Other Messaging Platforms

What is the most essential app that you need in China? Wechat, of course! Wechat is life for anyone who lives in the Middle Kingdom, but what exactly makes it so great? Everything you need handled in Beijing can get handled on Wechat. If you want to learn the Chinese for all the Wechat functions, check out our Chinese language blog on Wechat

1. Gifs and Stickers truly take messages to the next level. So much can be said with a crazy cat sticker, a sarcastic Obama, or a strange perversion of a children’s cartoon.

2. You can make video and voice calls for free using Wechat. The connection is better than Skype and the calls are free. It makes it convenient to get in touch with anyone anywhere.

3. Instead of typing out a long message, you can send voice message. Most times, it just saves a lot of time.

4. Everyone you know in Beijing uses Wechat. When meet someone in China, they either ask for your business card or your Wechatt. That being said, your Wechat better be on your business card. Come on rookie!

5. You can subscribe to a company or organization with Wechat. Whether you are interested in job opportunities, events, the latest news stories, or deals on drinks or food, Wechat has got you covered.

6. You can sticky your favorite people or groups to the top of the app so you can contact them easily. Keep your friends close and your best friends stuck to the top of your Wechat.

7. Double checks amp up the creep factor. You send a message and the person has seen it and not responded. This is how fights start and relationships crumble.

8. Syncs your phone contacts. Really your phone should sync with your Wechat contacts.

9. Scanning QR codes is super simple and an alternative way to add a contact or subscribe to a company. Scan Sinology Institute’s Wechat to get more

sinology institute wechat

10. Moments are a great way within the confines of the Great Firewall of China to share your pictures, links, and statuses. Only friends can see your moments. You can also send a sight, a short video, on your moments.

11. Wechat payments are a savior. You can send anyone money when you need to.

12. Wechat Wallet also allows you to pay or buy for pretty much anything that you could possibly need. Hired China has a great blog about how foreigner can set up Wechat Wallet.

14. You can translate messages which are useful when sifting through a long Chinese conversation.

15. You can favorite chats, stickers, or pictures.

16. You can share a name card to your fellow Wechat friends.

If you plan on being in China, plan on using Wechat for everything you do.

Kristen Carusos is from Atlanta, Georgia in the United States. She graduated from Kennesaw State University with a major in International Affairs and a minor in French. She studied abroad in China for the first time in Shanghai in 2010 and again in 2011 at Beijing Language and Culture University. She graduated and moved to Beijing in 2012 and has been studying Chinese since then. She works in the Marketing Department at the Sinology Institute.