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Airports can be stressful enough without speaking the language. In this Sinology Institute blog, readers learn different airport vocabulary.

Learn some important Fall fashion and holiday vocabulary!

If you live in China, you know Wechat is your most essential phone application. Everyone that meet in China will have wechat and it is the best way to get together with your friends, keep in touch with your friends back home, communicate with colleagues, and post pictures and links on your Wechat moments. Even the Chinese Communist Party has a wechat account!

Beijing features two pre-dominant foreigner markets; they are so called because they are mostly frequented by foreigners hunting for that almost perfect copy of a Gucci bag. This is not to say that Chinese do not go there, too – and I mean not as translators or haggling assistants to their foreign bosses. But, funnily enough, Chinese prefer the real thing if they can afford it so, actually, it is mostly the 老外.

In the last few weeks, the ice bucket challenge has taken over social media. What is the ice bucket challenge?

Asian business people have a tendency to cluster their shops together with others of the same kind. There seems to be some logic to it, as you increase the probability that a customer will buy something if he is given an overwhelming choice. Guitar shops have been until now in the hands of small entrepreneurs opening one shop and trying to make ends meet for their family.

Since eating out is somewhat of a national sport in China, you will find yourself doing the same most of the time. Therefore, here is a list of my Beijing top picks.

Many of the words in this song are for more advanced students (HSK 5), however it is a simple song, and the speed and flow of words makes it very easy to sing out without stumbling. For those in China, it's a great song to sing to impress your Chinese friends at KTV.

There may be many reasons to avoid walking in Beijing: the pollution, the traffic, the convenience of taking a cab (although less and less so). But there are perhaps just as many reasons to take a walk, if not more. After all, it’s city planning, man.

Unless you are strolling down the Houhai Hutongs with the love of your life by your side, a perfect Beijing summer night always involves riding a bicycle. Let’s also get the scenario straight: We are not talking about going to the club or getting wasted in 三里屯. Neither are we talking about eating a fancy meal (perhaps, God forbid, even western) and watching a movie. This is about enjoying the real Beijing, perhaps as real as it will ever get for someone who was not born here.