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We break down the characters in your favorite TV shows in order to build your vocabulary!

There are so many different thoughts going through your head when you are back home after living in China.

Sinology Institute talks about Stephon Marbury and basketball in China

We have endured through another Beijing Winter. The worst part of the year in Beijing in over and we are all ready to leave the solitude of winter hibernation. Who is ready to spend time outside?

All thanks to friends, an electric tricycle (the "Ghetto Blaster"), and far too many ovens

Sair para comer é meio que o esporte nacional da China, e se você vier para cá, você irá praticar muito. Por isso, aqui segue uma lista do que eu recomendo em Beijing.

O Brasil é um país bem especial na América do Sul. Através desse blog, você irá aprender vocabulário para descrever lugares, pessoas e aspectos do Brasil.

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Brazil is a dynamic country in South America. Through this blog, readers can learn how to discuss different places, people, and characteristics of Brazil.

All Expats go home at some point. Read about one Sinology Institute's experience with returning to her home country.