Daily Life

When travelling by train to and fro Beijing keep in mind that the city has many train stations and you have to know which one you are arriving at or leaving from. It is employing the same dead-end station principle as other large cities of the world, such as Paris or London.

When arriving or leaving, you will be required to fill in and submit an arrival/departure form along with a quarantine card. Best have them ready before it is your turn at the migration desk. As elsewhere, the last step is to pick up your luggage before you are home free.

Beijing is an amazing city with many different types of great and delicious food. China has many provinces with many distinct flavors, taste, and variations. Today, I am going to share with you some of favorite foods as well as some of the more interesting foods that I have had in China.

On a Chinese class, a teacher is teaching a Japanes student how to make a phone call or pick up a phone call. The teacher give student four choices when there is a phone call coming.