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No Brasil, fiz muitas aulas de Mandarim, mas a grande diferença foi vir para a China. Se você não tiver como vir, através de aulas online, a China pode ir até você.

Beijing’s blue skies in Winter seem to come at a price.

Riding a bike in Beijing may be among the most satisfying things to do.

Leave the beaten path for another Beijing experience.

When in China, do as the Chinese do…

Again with the smog in Beijing…

China has been on the map as a destination for tourists for ages. However, it is now also becoming more interesting for schools looking to offer their students that something special. 

Chinese food is delicious. Make it yourself at home.

Camping on the Great Wall is a must for any Beijing expat, and there are many different parts of the Great Wall to choose from.

Negotiating can be difficult in any country, especially China. We talk to HiredChina about the best way to negotiate in the Middle Kingdom.