China has been on the map as a destination for tourists for ages. However, it is now also becoming more interesting for schools looking to offer their students that something special. 

Chinese food is delicious. Make it yourself at home.

If you are going to speak Chinese with a Beijing accent, do it right. We teach you how. 

Not every day is pocketful of sunshine, sometimes it’s a pocketful of why do things work so poorly and inefficiently? 

Whether you are talking about developing an economy, sending an email, or getting a haircut, this week’s character is very important. 

Summer is here! Although the temperatures are steadily rising, ensuring that this will be one hot summer in Beijing, there are still many things to be excited about doing now that the sun rays are out and everyone is officially out of hibernation.

You moved here not knowing how China would change you, but now that experience has helped define who you are as an adult.

Negotiating can be difficult in any country, especially China. We talk to HiredChina about the best way to negotiate in the Middle Kingdom.

Learning Chinese can be frustrating but it is also filled with many rewarding experiences that make all the hard work worth it. 

Chinese New Year is filled with different phases from relaxation, stress, beautiful weather, terrible weather, peace and quiet, and unrelenting fireworks.